Golden Time ICT Club is great fun!!

We are very excited to be participating in the Hour of Code global movement happening around the world this week.  Over 180 countries are taking part in the largest learning event in history.  If you are interested in trying out coding for yourself click here!

“Every student should have the opportunity to learn computer science. It helps nurture problem-solving skills, logic and creativity. By starting early, students will have a foundation for success in any 21st-century career path.”






Using Skype to sing together with a school in France.

Using Skype to sing together with a school in France.


Creating soundtracks using Garage Band. Can’t find that perfect tune to go with a picture or poem…then create your own!

Here are some of our favourite learning Apps. Please click of the red target to find out more about each App. Please let us know if you have a favourite learning app!


Our first class set of iPads have been out and about in our classrooms this week. In the lower stages the children have been practising telling the time, while in the upper stages we have been busy using them for researching, sharing our ideas and opinions and even making our own Green Screen movies! A very positive response for Week One! We hope to continue to enhance and improve the learning of each pupil through the use of this fantastic technology.



Our aim is to use the ipads as a powerful tool to redefine the learning of the pupils. Our starting point will be the outcomes we wish the children to achieve, then utilising a variety of apps, we will transform the teaching and learning in a way previously inconceivable! The SAMR model above highlights the impact ipads can have in the classroom.






Safeguarding our children online

Please have a look at the resources below, designed for parents. We are working as a school to teach our pupils the importance of e-safety while at school and home. Working with parents is vital to ensure our young people are taught how to keep safe online and how to manage the rapidly changing world of technology. 

1. Click to visit –Get Safe Online

2. A guide for parents



fab i pad image

At St Joseph’s we recognise the importance of using technology meaningfully to enhance learning and make our pupils successful digital citizens. We are implementing a number of developments across the school to help our pupils have the skills they need for the future.


Click on me for more information about GLOW

Pupils are being introduced to the new, updated GLOW site. GLOW is…

  • A tool to access the benefits of the internet and a range of online resources and services via one log-in
  • A space for collaborating with other learners
  • A facility to connect with teachers about assignments and learning
  • A space to create and innovate as you learn

Using GLOW at St Joseph’s means our pupils can-

  • Access Office 365 at home and in school on multiple devices.
  • Use One Drive storage at home and/or in school to store up to a terabyte of information! (No more USB sticks!)
  • Use Office Online with collaborative live editing, to send documents directly to the teacher/other pupils who can live edit them and leave comments.
  • Access their own mail and calendar…and much more!

Ipads @ St Joseph’s

Last year each teacher received an ipad to use in class. These have been used to record and assess children’s progress as well as personalising them with apps to enhance the learning in the classroom. Each teacher now has Apple TV in their classroom, which has wide ranging possibilites to motivate and engage pupils. By connecting the ipad wirelessly, the teacher can mirror the ipad screen onto the SMART board. We hope to compile a video showing some of the ways teachers are using this fantastic resource in their classroom.

Thanks to the Parent Council,  we are in a position to buy a class set of iPads, which should be in class by Christmas.  In collaboration with Apple and  the Aberdeen Learning Technologies team, P7 will be trained as Digital Leaders until Easter. They will have 1:1 ipad sessions, extending their knowledge and expertise in a variety of situations, such as producing their own ebooks.

P7 will then go into classes to share their knowledge and develop the knowledge of other pupils. We hope to share this very exciting journey through this section of the blog.