Science week how to’s

Are you wondering how to do any of the experiments or workshop ideas?

Here are of the things pupils have requested to know. If yours is not here -let us know!

How to build a robot with a toothbrush-

Collect your supplies – you will need-

  1. old toothbrush
  2. 3nails
  3. a button cell battery LR44
  4. a vibrating motor from an old cell phone
  5. some double sided foam adhesive tape
  6. wire

Solder two small lengths of wire to the vibrating motor – one on each terminal ( the metal strips at the bottom of the motor). If you don’t have a soldering iron or access to one then please let Mrs McAllister know and she can help you. Cut the head off the toothbrush and push the bristles back so they slope towards the back of the head. Apply some tape to the top of the brush and remove the backing tape and stick on the nails – one a the front and two at an angle at the handle end. Apply another layer of tape and stick down the motor and lay one of the lengths of wire on the tape and stick the battery down on top. Take the other end of the wire and touch it to the other side of the battery. Your bristle bot is complete!!

By altering the nails and their angle you can perfect your robot moving in a straight line! Now get your friends to make one and you can race them!


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