Science Week competitions

Enter Our Science Week Competitions!

P1 to P3 – Perfect Parachutes!
P4 to P7 – Crazy Racers!
These competitions can be entered as teams or individual. If you wish to enter please give your names to Miss Morgan or Mrs McAllister. Judging takes place on Friday 12th May in the senior playground.

Perfect Parachutes – judging commences at 1:00pm 
Design a device that will allow an egg to be dropped from a window on the top floor of the school and land UNBROKEN on the ground outside

Crazy Racers – judging commences at 12:30pm 
Design a vehicle that is no bigger than 15cm wide or long that is powered by a stored energy source and can travel 3 metres in the fastest time

Marks out of 10 will be awarded for the design
Marks out of 10 will be awarded for the performance
Marks out of 10 will be awarded for the description of how your design works when questioned by the judges


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