Staff List  2018 – 2019

Headteacher – Mrs Sinead Lindsay

Depute headteacher – Mrs Orla Fowler

Principal Teacher- Mrs Louise Lacaze

Nursery – Miss P Iwaszkiewicz, M, Ms S Pirie

P1K – Ms L King

P1S- Mrs S Scott

P2P – Mrs C Pirie

P2C – Mrs C Cuthill

P3R – Mrs C Robinson

P3C – Miss S Cormack

P4HP – Mrs S Henry & Mrs J Petrovski

P4A – Mrs S Anderson

P5W –  Mrs D West & Mrs A McKie

P5M – Mrs M Malet & Ms P Maley

P6Mc – Miss E McGowan

P6B – Mr R Buchanan (extraordinaire)

P6/7BM- Ms. S Bronzite & Mrs S Mills

P7HL – Miss. B Haragan & Mrs Louise Lacaze


Pupil Support Staff

Mrs N Edwards

Mrs M Donald

Mrs J Prusik

Mrs A Rivett

Mrs N Edgerton

Mrs F McAllister

Mrs J McCormack

Mrs S Reid

Miss A Drain

Mrs A Soutar

Mrs E Smith

Office Staff

Mrs M Forbes

Mrs S Skinner










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