Grow Well Farm Health and Wellbeing Programme – Illuminating Learning in Nursery

Dear Parents,

This week Primary One and Nursery will embark on an exciting Health and Wellbeing programme entitled Grow Well Farm. This programme was introduced last year and was a great success in the Infant Department. It provides a wonderful opportunity to approach Transition between Nursery and Primary One. The pupils from St Joseph’s Nursery who are starting Primary One in August will visit either P1 R or P1 C on a weekly basis… either a Thursday or a Friday each week.

Weather permitting, we intend to complete this programme of work by having our very own Highland games with Primary 1 at 10 am on Wednesday 21st June in Harlaw Playing Fields. All parents are warmly invited to this event which is sure to be lots of fun! More information will be given closer to the time.

Week 1 of Grow Well Farm
Session 1 – Be Active Together
In week one, the children will be introduced to ‘Grow Well Farm’ and the animals that live on it. These include Hamish the Horse, Hazel the Hen, Heather the Highland Cow and Lewis the Lamb. The animals are excited about taking part in the Highland Games. They are having fun and being active as they prepare for the games.

Key Messages that we deliver in school….
• Physical activity, especially in the form of play, is important and should be encouraged during the first five years of life.
• Children of pre-school age who are capable of walking unaided should be physically active daily for at least 180 minutes (3 hours), spread throughout the day.
• Physical activity includes all forms of activity:
– Everyday activity/active living e.g. walking to nursery, walking to the shops, tidying up after playing, scooter to shops, bike riding, gardening, etc.
– Active recreation e.g. walking, cycling, active play, dancing.
– Sport e.g. more structured activity dancing, swimming, gymnastics, football, rugby, cheerleading.
• All under us should spend as little time as possible sitting (e.g. in front of a TV or computer) or restrained in a push chair for extended periods (except time spent sleeping).
• The body changes when it is being active depending on the level of intensity, e.g. heart beating fast, flushed cheeks, feeling sweaty, feeling hot.

Bookbug Week

Take part in Bookbug Week by joining in with a whole week of FREE, special events taking place all over Scotland for families with babies and young children.

This year’s theme is Bookbug’s Big Giggle, and there will be a whole host of fun story, song and rhyme activities taking place in local libraries and community venues:

Science Days in Nursery

This week is Science Week in our school and we are lucky to have some workshops in our nursery too.

Please make sure that the children arrive on time to be able to participate.

10th May Wednesday 9:15-10:15 Rocket workshop

11th May Thursday 8:45-9:00 and 12:45-1:00 The Night Sky

12th May Friday 1:00-1:30 Biology workshop

We hope that the children will enjoy them!

Transition to P1

As you know our transition programme is ongoing and gives support to the social and emotional needs of the children. It helps to become accustomed to changes and new environments. Throughout the year the children had a chance to experience the wider school community e.g. through visits to the Infant Library and the gym, having reading buddies, working with upper stage children, etc.

During the summer term links with Primary One become more routine. We will be running Grow Well Choices Early Years programme with the Primary 1 classes. The programme has been developed by NHS Grampian with education partners. It is about the importance of being healthy and making healthy choices. Grow Well Choices Early Years fully supports the delivery of Curriculum for Excellence Experiences and Outcomes. It consists of 6 sessions, 6 weeks of activities. Each session will consist of about 15 minutes of story telling followed by fun games and activities which we will do together with P1 classes. The story is about farm animals who want to take part in the Highland Games. The general topics that will be covered include: being active, healthy eating, oral health and healthy balance including sleep. The children will also experience playground life, learning to play alongside older children. Primary One teachers will visit children in their nursery class to observe the children at play when informal exchanges of information will take place. There will be a weekly visit to P1 where nursery children will become involved to begin to familiarize themselves.

Parents will be invited to attend an induction meeting. Children who are moving to other schools will be supported in the transition.

The Nursery Team

Dates for your Diary.

Welcome back after Easter break..

Last Term!

Very busy term ahead.. 😉

Thursday 27th.04 – Nursery Coffee. Morning Class- 9.30 / Afternoon Class- 12.30. All welcome.

Friday 28th.04  –  Bosco’s Last Day. We wish them all the best with their move to London. 

May 1st 2nd – NURSERY CLOSED.

Thursday 4th May  –  Cake Sale in infant playground @ 3.15.

All contribution welcome as we would like to top up our sand etc.

11th May  –  Transition to Primary 1 starts for 6 weeks.

29th May  –  Nursery Induction 

1st June Primary One Induction 

Saturday 17th June  –  Summer Fair 12- 2 Pm.

21st June – Sports Day.

30th June- Nursery Last day. Morning and Afternoon Class get together. Time and place to be confirmed .. 

We hope your child enjoys our last term in nursery.

Thank your for your continuous support.

The Nursery Team.