Thank you!


Dear parents
We are delighted to inform you that the Christmas Fair raised an amazing amount of just over £3750.
This money will be used to provide our children with more great resources in the months ahead. This year the Parent Council, on your behalf, agreed to fund various items and events. These included the science fair, a full set of google chrome classroom books and the pantomime.
We would like to thank everyone of you who contributed towards making the fair a great success, both in terms of the fund raising and the fun had by all on the day.
Thanks are due to a host of people. To you the parents who donated items to the fair; to the workers behind the scenes on the run up to the day; to those who donated to the raffles and those who sold the tickets; to those who set up for the fair; to those who donated food (including two businesses that were not fully acknowledged on the day – Books and Beans for their soups and Pan Asia for their curries); to those who cooked and who ran the kitchen; to those running the stalls; to those involved in the tidy up; to Santa for taking time out his busiest season to be with our children; to the counting and finance team; to the janitorial staff and the teachers; and additional thanks to a special few who put in that extra effort to make it all come together and be the success it was. There are too many to thank by name, but you are all very much appreciated.
Well done and thank you.
Karon McEwing
on behalf of St Joseph’s School Parent Council


Loose Parts

The children have been loving Loose Parts play this term

Even when it is chilly outdoors, we wrap up warmly and enjoy the crisp air and the signs of the seasons.

Juliet Robertson, Creative Star Learning, has a wonderful website full of good ideas which we will use in school.

You may like to try some of the ideas at the weekends too in parks or gardens!

Christmas Lunch



Hot Roast Turkey


chipolata & oatmeal stuffing 


Quorn Fillets


Quorn Sausages

Brussel Sprout Christmas Tree Decoration

Seasonal Mixed Veg


Brussels Sprouts


Roast potatoes

click to enlarge free Christmas pudding clipart.

Festive Ice Cream

Christmas Cracker

All welcome

Cashless catering system in use as always

Thank You

A huge word of thanks to Mrs Mc Ewing and the parent council team for another hugely successful and enjoyable Christmas Fair 2017. We are so lucky to have such a dedicated , hardworking team of parent volunteers who organise this event annually to raise funds for school resources that have a positive impact  on teaching and learning  resources. For all the families that supported the event -well done and many thanks for your contributions they will be put to good use.

Severe Weather Arrangements

Severe Weather Arrangements

We will always strive to keep the school open over the winter season.  It will be open unless we notify you otherwise. 

If you have concerns about the safety of your child’s journey to and from school you can keep them off or pick them up early in cases of bad weather. 

School closure information

Emergency school closure information

0870 054 1999         Pin code : 011620

  • If the weather in your area is severe and the forecast seems likely to get worse, please consider whether it might be better to keep your child at home for the day. Please notify the school as appropriate. If you have delivered your child to school and there is a sudden change in the weather which would lead you to suspect that the journey home might be hazardous, then please consider collecting your child from school. Siblings could be collected at the same time. Please notify the school as appropriate.
  • If you are unable to collect your child because of bad weather and have arranged for a friend or relative to look after your child, please make the school aware of this arrangement.

Informing parents of school closure

We will notify you of a school closure in the following ways –

  • A whole school Groupcall Xpressions / Email
  • Twitter update
  • School closure line announcement.

School closure information

Emergency school closure information

0870 054 1999         Pin code : 011620


  • If the closure happens during a school working day staff will contact families  to arrange collection and keep pupils in school until they are safely collected.