Mrs Lindsay’s Assemblies

Today, 12th November, we had an assembly that focused on a number of different areas:

  • We sang a song the children love called ‘Every Brand New Day’.  This song reminds everyone that each day is brand new, we restore our relationships with each other and we are able to move on.
  • We also sang – or at least tired to sing – The Rose.  Although it was a Barbara Streisand version we were following, the purpose was to sing a song related to our Sacred Heart goal for this year – Faith.
  • Speaking of this goal – please see the school newsletter which will be out in a week or so to tell you what we are doing for Catholic Education Week (this is the second one this year, the first was in February and from now on will be held once, but in November).
  • As we do every assembly time, we had a prayer.  We practice how to bless ourselves and then we pray.  Today’s prayer was about empathy and accepting others as they are with consideration.
  • This led on to the school rule about hitting or kicking!  We discussed what you should do in the event that someone does this to you – the message being that we must try hard not to do it back, but turn and walk or run away and if that is difficult, shout for help.  We know this is not easy, but it is the only message that will teach the children over time that we do not retaliate.
  • We also spoke about how to walk into and out of assembly – this can be tricky!  We are establishing good hall, corridor and classroom habits so we will pursue this until we are all satisfied that children are showing respect by listening and following as well as keeping safe.
  • We celebrated good news from the children and completed Star of the Week – this is normally done on a Thursday but as last Thursday’s assembly focused on remembrance, we felt it was important to hold on til today.
  • Next Monday we will do a Risk Benefit Assessment together for the school playground.  This will elicit from the children what to do in the event of rules being broken, people walking their dog through the playground and a bit on stranger danger.