LATEST NEWS!!! (August 2017)

We will no longer sell Giant Buttons or Little Bars, since Cadbury has opted out of Fairtrade accreditation for their products to pursue their own line of supposedly ‘Fairly Traded’ range of products, which we don’t know for sure how much will they look out for the farmers interests. We are not supporting their decision to drop Fairtrade, therefore we will not stock their products any longer.

Also, we have been lucky to keep our prices the same for a very long time. Unfortunately, as of 1st September, many of our items will be charged at a new higher price. Check below for changes:



Our new Fairtrade reps and the classes they will look after this session are:

P7M/R reps: John S. & Millie P1K
P7M reps: Marion & Catherine P1S
P6H reps: Amy & John H. P2C
P5/6 reps: Maria & Laura K. P2R/M
P5B/L reps: Christine & Emmanuel Setting up
P5D reps: Andrea & Enzo P3H/P
P4M reps: Laura R. & Camille P3K
P4G/W reps: Mia & Alex (with P7s)