We Recycle!

Remember that at St Joseph’s we recycle lots of things and you can recycle things from home through the school too!

Bring in the following items to school and we can recycle them

  • Old Batteries – place them in the box outside the janitor’s office and when the box is full we send them away to be recycled to make more batteries!
  • Pens – pens that have run out can be placed in the bin outside the Janitor’s office. When we have 15kg we send them away to Terracycle as part of the Bic recycling brigade. These old pens are made into new ones! We can accept any type of pen ( felt pen, biro, marker, etc) but NO pencils or mechanical pencils please.
  • Clothes – collect old or unwanted clothing and place in the rag bag collection container in the car park. When it is emptied the company give us an amount of money based on the weight of donations. NO school uniform please i.e. With school badge.
  • Ink Cartridges – bring in old cartridges from your printer and we will recycle them for you. Look how many we are sending this month -over 27 kg!
Ronin helping sort out the ink cartridges for sending away.

Ronin helping sort out the ink cartridges for sending away.


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