Have a Healthy Snack!

Do you have a healthy snack?

We would like to introduce a healthy snack checklist for each class.

Every day you will mark against your name whether you have a healthy snack or not! Fridays will be free choice Fridays so you can bring along a treat or buy one from the Fairtrade Tuck Shop.

If you have at least 4 healthy snacks during the week you will get a reward!

Why not start practicing now and choose to have a small but healthy snack at break Time?

Here are some of our suggestions for snacks-

Grapes.                Banana.                  Apple.

          Rice Crackers.                       Unsweetened popcorn.

   Carrot sticks.              Small cheese                  Tomatoes.

We’re sure you can think of more so why not let us know your suggestions and we can add them to our list!

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