Green Flag Topics

Green Flag Topics 2018/2019

Our Topics this year are


Waste Minimisation


Sustainable Goal – Poverty

Read on to see what we are doing for each topic to improve our school.


we have applied to the Parent Council to request funding for more litter pickers.

We have carried out a survey on pupil’s approach to litter to see how we can reduce the amount of litter and improve our awareness

We took photos around the school of litter to highlight the problem at assembly.

P2C carried out an assembly where they highlighted the problem of plastic pollution in our oceans and sang a song to send the message that we should all see the sea is beautiful and we should look after it.

Waste Minimisation

We have set up recycling points for pens, toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, batteries, old clothes, ink cartridges, paper and cardboard.

We have created a mosaic of the school badge from plastic bottle tops

We collected clothes during Lent to give to the homeless



We conducted a room survey to check if the lights and electrical equipment were switched off when the room is empty

We purchased a solar fountain for our local care home Northcote Lodge


We have filled shoe boxes with toys and essential toiletries for orphans in Eastern Europe






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