Garden News

Garden News

At St Joseph’s we are very proud of our garden and we are always very busy using our outdoor space.

These pages are where we can share all our adventures, experiments and enjoyment of our grounds.

A few years ago our Eco Committee even penned a poem about our garden-

Our garden came from nothing, but now means everything to us,
Some may say “it’s just a garden! – so what is all the fuss?”
One look at our beaming faces when garden lesson time is here
Will tell you it must be special and a place that we hold dear.


When first you plant a seed and tuck it in real tight,
Then tend and watch it grow- it gives so much delight
The colours of the flowers, the taste of our fruit and veg
All delights from that one little seed we placed in it’s little bed!


All things God created – all creatures great and small
We welcome to our garden – there is a job for all
No chemicals to harm or indeed to ‘harsh their buzz’
Just garlic and marigolds as the ‘bouncers’ or the ‘Fuzz’


A bug hotel where all creatures can spend some time for free
A wormery if they fancy a cup of fresh worm tea
A compost heap restaurant for a bite to eat
And a pond to have a swim – just for a treat


So what is so special about our garden, you may want to know?
It’s everything we would say – We Reap What We Sow!

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