St. Joseph’s was proud to be at the launch of Aid to the Church in Need’s publication “Persecuted and Forgotten” which took place at St. Mary’s Cathedral in the October Holidays.

ACN are asking the people of Aberdeen to help them –

Raise Awareness



Raising awareness – Mrs Scott, Miss Vesey and Miss Geraghty are taking the lead on raising awareness of the ACN and their work with the classes. There was an introductory assembly today, and on Friday there will be a more detailed assembly. The classes will also be thinking about the persecuted church in RME.

Fundraising – Mrs Scott, Miss Vesey and Miss Geraghty having been working with the Pupil Council to plan the Halloween Disco and bake sale. The proceeds from this event will go towards ACN.

A pyjama day has also been planned for Friday 6th November, where children can come to school dressed in warm pyjamas or onesies, and bring a £1 which will go towards ACN.

Prayer – part of the assembly on Friday will focus on prayers for the persecuted church and prayers for peace. There will be short session on the rosary, as October is the month of the rosary. 

Please do support us with our efforts, for further information about ACN work please visit –

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We hope you all have a fantastic, relaxing summer.

See you back for the new term on


Thank you to the Parent Council for our lovely new library furniture and seating. Visiting the library is much more colourful now!

Many classes are taking part in the 2014 Micro Tyco challenge.
The children are very keen to get their entrepreneurial hats on and take up the £1 challenge again.
As you can see from the video above, St Joseph’s ROCK!


From Midnight on 1st November, our teams have exactly one month to make their £1 grow as much as possible.
They have been busy planning their 4 week strategy and are ready to go!

It is an amazing chance for all pupils involved to experience the spirit of enterprise.
Come back regularly to see what innovative ideas the children have come up with this year!