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Many classes are taking part in the 2014 Micro Tyco challenge.
The children are very keen to get their entrepreneurial hats on and take up the £1 challenge again.
As you can see from the video above, St Joseph’s ROCK!


From Midnight on 1st November, our teams have exactly one month to make their £1 grow as much as possible.
They have been busy planning their 4 week strategy and are ready to go!

It is an amazing chance for all pupils involved to experience the spirit of enterprise.
Come back regularly to see what innovative ideas the children have come up with this year!

Cold weather clothing








Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for the approaching cold weather. A waterproof jacket, hat and gloves, as well as sensible footwear will ensure they are comfortable out in the playground at break and lunchtime.

“There is no thing as unsuitable weather, just unsuitable clothing!”

As always, clearly mark each item with your child’s name and class. Un-named items are extremely difficult to return to the correct owners.

Thank you.

Parent council meeting-7.10.14


Please come along on Tuesday evening at 8pm to join the Parent Council meeting. It will be held in the staff room. Your support would be much appreciated to help with all the work the PC does throughout the year, helping to make our school better for all pupils.

PC events coming up soon- Autumn bake sale, Christmas cards, Hallowe’en disco!

Send us your old light bulbs!





The Eco group are collecting old light bulbs to be used to decorate our school Eco Christmas tree. They will accept all shapes and sizes of bulbs.

Please bring them into class and they will be collected and transformed into beautiful decorations.

Thank you.

SCRAN learning images are running a photography competition on a theme of

“What Scotland means to me.”

Prizes for Primary, Secondary and ASN with each section winner winning an iPad.

An overall winner will win a set of 10 iPads, and the runner up 5 up 5 Ipads for their school.

More information –

Closing date 31 October 2014.

If you like snapping images on your camera/phone think about entering this competition!

Please come along to P7L to get your entry form filled out by Mrs Lacaze.