Shoe Share / UNICEF

Shoe Share helps children around the world access their right to education.

ShoeShare is a campaign in partnership with the Rights Respecting Schools Award and Clarks Shoes. This partnership began in May 2017 and so far over 300 schools have taken part.

The ShoeShare campaign collects old or unwanted shoes. These old or unwanted shoes are then sent for re-use. For every tonne of shoes collected, a donation is made to Unicef which goes towards education programmes around the world.

To support children across the world and help them access their right to education (Article 28),
we will be hosting a ShoeShare collection.


We will be collecting shoes at school until the end of April.

Please ensure that:

  • The shoes are paired with a rubber band to make it easier to sort and pack
  • The shoes are in relatively good condition – so no holes or broken soles!

We then deliver the collected shoes to our nearest Clarks store who will send the shoes for re use and make a donation to Unicef.

For every tonne of shoes collected, a donation is made to Unicef. So, the more shoes you bring in, the more money you raise so that Clarks can continue to help Unicef provide basic educational resources to the 59 million primary school children around the world who are still not in education.

Thank you.

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