Book Fair is coming!

The book fair arrives in school next week and it would be lovely to have lots of parents involved in the running of each session. 

At each session the children have the chance to look at the range of books. Some children bring money for a book that they’ve agreed at home with parents, others just have a browse around, but most write a wish list to bring back home. The wish list gives you an opportunity to discuss and decide whether you would like to buy a book with your child. If so, please send the money back in with your child the next day. A percentage of the book sales is donated back to the school.There is no obligation to buy anything.
The volunteers help the children browse the books, write wish lists and if time permits to sort out any return orders.
You are most welcome to join your class regardless.

To volunteer or for more information please contact Eliz Willox directly on
Thank you for any involvement.

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