Lost uniform?

Items that are left around the school are put inside the boxes at the infant porch door. Lost property prefects will return named items to the pupils once a week. Unnamed school uniform will be bagged and given to the Parent Council. Distinctive jackets/hats will be left at infant porch door. Pupils can look during the day.

Please name everything!

Uniforms: Shops, Lost & Found

The PC sells new uniforms (form to download will be here) – forms should be sent into the office, with payment, and your purchases will be sent home in your children’s school bags.

We also organise a couple of Nearly-New Uniform sales every year, where clean and good-condition items can be bought.  All jackets / blazers are £5 and everything else is £2; any donated items are worth £1 in credit towards nearly-new purchases.

We are also aware that lost property is a frustrating thing for parents and will try to post here photos of large items that are unclaimed, so that parents who don’t make it to school have a chance to claim them!  You can also email us to report missing jackets etc (distinctive items please!  We won’t have time to run after unlabelled navy blue sweaters…) using the form here.

LABEL YOUR ITEMS! The PC has a partnership with label company Mine4Sure:St Joseph’s families get 5-15% off with “organisation code” ABE1269.


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