Vision, Values & Aims

Purpose and Vision for St Joseph’s Primary

Families, communities and schools learning and achieving together

Here at St. Joseph’s RC school we are committed to supporting and encouraging parents to be actively involved in their children’s learning. Our aim is for children, families and school to learn and work together to raise attainment and help narrow the achievement gap for all Aberdeen’s children.

Guiding Principles

· Parents and families have the most influence on their child’s attitudes, behaviour and achievement outcomes

· Parents, children and young people and staff are valued partners in learning; everyone has an important and different role to play

· True parental engagement can only take place when everyone commits to developing an ethos of mutual trust and respect

· Every parent should be encouraged to take an active role in their children’s education and learning and given the appropriate information and support

· Parents, children and young people’s views and opinions are valued and should be included and taken into account when making decisions that affect their family, school and community

One of our current improvement priorities is to review the school vision, values and aims. We would like the help of parents/carers, pupils and partners in shaping the future of our school.

If you have not already done so (only 46 responses so far)

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