Health and Wellbeing Week – Do you want to join in?

St Joseph’s Health and Wellbeing Week 

20th- 24th November 2017


During our week long event we will be welcoming specialists into the school to give us an insight into improving our overall Health and Wellbeing.

We are pleased to announce the following partners helping to deliver this exciting and fun packed week –

Nuffield Health ( physical fitness and nutrition), Red Cross ( first aid)

NHS ( emotional Wellbeing), Active Schools ( rugby, martial arts, etc)

STEM ( healthy hands), Parents ( relax and reflect,

…….and so many more.

Would you like to join in?

Parents are invited to come along, join in and experience some of the activities on offer throughout the school.

Spaces are limited so if you would like to participate then please select which day and time then send an e-mail or note to Miss Morgan -JoMorgan

On Tuesday from 0930 to 1000 you are welcome to join in with CPR workshop, Disability Awareness and Hip Hop.On Thursday from 0930 to 1000 and 1400 to 1430 you are invited to join us visits from Nuffield Health ; helping us keep fit with some gym equipment, ideas for good nutrition and how to keep our organs healthy, as well as Judo, red ball cricket and golf.

On the Thursday session from 0930 to 1000 an EAL PSA will be available to give an outline of the activities in Polish and answer any queries.

These sessions will not necessarily be with your child’s class but instead will give you a taste of some of the activities your child will experience throughout the week.


We look forward to seeing you there!

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