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Dear Parents and Carers,

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to continue in my leadership role at St. Joseph’s Primary school as Acting Head Teacher at the beginning of a new school year 2017/2018.  We are happy to welcome back all current pupils as well as the new families who have joined our catholic community at the beginning of an exciting first term of learning and challenge.   

St. Joseph’s RC Primary is a very happy, inclusive and caring environment where children can grow and progress into well-rounded, confident, nurturing and responsible adults.

With the support of an enthusiastic and dedicated staff the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum and there are high expectations of pupil effort and behaviour.

As leader of the school, my main job is to make sure your child is safe, happy and achieving well whilst they are at school. The staff and I will be spending the next few weeks making sure all the children settle into their new classes and are clear about the high expectations we have of them. I believe children should feel welcome, inspired, safe and supported when they are learning. It is the aim of the whole school team to help each child become a successful learner and well-rounded individual who is ready to make the next steps in their learning journey.

Mrs Orla Fowler



Staff List 

Nursery –  Miss P Iwaszkiewicz, Mrs Pirrie, Mrs McLean & Ms S Pirie 

P1S – Mrs Steph Scott 

P1K – Mrs Orsolya Koszeghy

P2C – Mrs Christine Cuthill

P2RM – Mrs Robinson + Mrs Avril McKie

P3HP – Mrs Sylvia Henry + Mrs Judith Petrovski

P3K – Miss Lyndsey King

P4M – Mrs Monica Malet

P4GW – Mrs Fiona Grant / Mrs Denise West (Thu + Fri)

P5D – Mr Garrett Dexter

P5BL – Ms Sarah Bronzite  + Mrs Louise Lacaze

P5/6Mc – Miss Erin McGowan

P6H – Miss Beccy Haragan

P7MR – Mrs Sonia Mills/Mrs Margaret Rafferty

P7M –  Miss Joanne Morgan

Pupil Support Staff

Mrs N Edwards

Mrs M Donald

Mrs J Prusik

Mrs S Hunter

Mrs A Rivett

Mrs N Edgerton

Mrs F McAllister

Mrs J McCormack

Mrs S Reid

Miss A Drain

Mrs A Soutar

Mrs E Smith


Office Staff

Mrs M Forbes

Mrs S Skinner


Ryszard  Wolszczak




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