Engineering Stars

Young Engineers’ Celebration Day Winners.


Well done to our budding engineers Mahdeen, Tolu, Andrew, Katy, Zainah and Mia – read on to find out about their day!

The Young Engineers Science Club celebration day took place at Aberdeen Science Centre. It is an opportunity for schools to showcase Science and Engineering projects undertaken in their school as well as take part in STEM challenges and a Build A Crane project.


St Joseph’s display booth was used to highlight our robots -all made from recycled and upcycled objects and the P7 Oil and Gas Technology projects. As part of the crane challenge investigation, P6 created posters covering the different types of cranes and their uses; these posters were also on display.

Seventeen schools took part in what was a very busy day!

IMG_3006Six pupils represented each school and our six budding engineers first took part in 8 STEM challenges. These challenges involved working as a team to solve and complete set tasks including making a fan for a turbine with the Royal Navy, moving hydrocarbons through a maze of valves and pumps with Shell, Taqa had us creating a transport basket out of Marshmallows and spaghetti for a precious cargo of Creme Egg!


We built bridges, IMG_3023made wind turbines, figured out how to make a lego bird flap his wings and finally how to pick a lock!!


Points were given for how well teams worked together as well as how well their solutions worked.

At school we built a crane from old wooden blocks, meccano and any other bits and bobs we found useful! The end result was a fabulous rotating crane with CD’s as a bearing! IMG_3003The jib moved up and down and the lifting block worked through a pulley system to lift the loads. The challenge was to lift 10 milk bottles filled with 500ml of water and load them onto a ‘ship’  with points given for accuracy. We managed six bottles! Well done team!IMG_3042

What a great day we had with freebies including the Creme Eggs! During the presentation a the end of the day St Joseph’s were awarded first prize for the most marks completing the STEM challenges and received a beautiful trophy and a cheque for £100 to spend on Science in our school!IMG_3048

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