Anti-weapon/Knife Crime at St Joseph’s

Dear Parents,

This week in assembly, I introduced the ACC Anti weapon/knife crime policy for schools. Please talk through the issues with your child. It is important that they know and understand, at an appropriate level, what weapon crime is, the consequences of carrying a weapon and the responsibilities to keep everyone safe.  The cards below have helped us to share the information with our younger pupils. 


St Joseph’s have taken steps to share the ACC message in our school.

  • There are ‘No weapons’ posters displayed throughout the school.
  • Parent leaflets containing facts on the law and the zero tolerance approach to the possession of a weapon in school (anything we can use to hurt someone) and how parents can play a part too. 
  • Primary 7 will receive age appropriate lessons on how to stay safe in various risky situations.
  • Letters setting out the expectations of our school with regard  to weapons/knives have been sent out. Please read & sign before returning to school. The success of the anti-weapon /knife strategy lies heavily on all adults modelling and presenting the appropriate messages and behaviours to ensure the safety and well being of all pupils & staff.

Thank you. 

Mrs Fowler



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