Easter Eggs Hatch in Nursery!

Easter Eggs Hatch in Nursery!


Two of our eggs hatched in Nursery this lunchtime! The Nursery pupils and the Eco Reps watched in fascination as 2 chicks appeared out of their shell.

They are very tired and keep dropping off to sleep but when they are awake they are certainly making themselves heard!

All our eggs were different colours this year and as you can see our chicks are different colours too!

Another three eggs are cracking open and when I checked at the end of the day three beaks could be seen pecking away at their respective shells. It can take a good few hours to hatch a short it is a very tiring process for these little chicks but hopefully tomorrow our two chicks will have some new friends.

Chick update!

As of this morning (Thursday) we have another three chicks! Two are yellow and one is black with grey patches!


You can see from the photo that the older ones are quite lively now and the new ones are still recovering from their ordeal. The older ones will move to the big heated box later today.

Watch this space for more photos and updates!

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