Visit with NASA

Our visit to Aberdeen Science Centre was Out of this World!

Thirty pupils from across the senior classes visited Aberdeen Science Centre and met 2 representatives from NASA – Dr Sue Lederer, who works with scientists looking at space and stars and discovering new planets, IMG_2894and Rick Heib, an astronaut who has flown in 3 missions into space.



They talked to to us about finding a new solar system -Trappist 1 with planets orbiting the star that are comparable in size to earth and in the habitable zone of the solar system! We learned that a year only lasts a few days on some of the planets!IMG_2896We also learned what it is really like to work in space ; about the cramped conditions, having to use liquid salt and pepper and even having to wear a nappy on space walks!IMG_2902

We heard about the experiments they carry out in space – investigating how other creatures from earth like insects and goldfish survive and adapt to living in space.

We also built some electronic circuits in teams – one team had to describe what to put where and the other team had to build it – but they could not see what each other had so it was a bit like a game of Battleships!IMG_2888


A visit to the Planetarium saw us learn about the conditions required on planets to find life and that that life may well be micro organisms – is there life out there?

On the spot Science showed us how hovercraft work with a cushion of air IMG_2909and we even got to fire our own rocket!

It was a great visit and we all really enjoyed it and as the visitors from NASA said -they never thought they would one day work for NASA so what is to stop any of us ? Among us we may have the scientists of the future finding new planets and solar systems or engineers helping us get there or even intrepid astronauts – boldly going where no one has gone before!!

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