It’s Waste Week!

It’s Waste Week At St Joseph’s!

From the 6th to 10th March  St Joseph’s are taking part in the Waste Week campaign run by The Pod and EDF energy.

We will be looking at how much waste we produce and how we can reduce it through recycling, reusing or even upcycling.

It is a very timely campaign in light of Aberdeen Council opening its new recycling centre in Altens which means we can put more items in our mixed recycling bin to sorted at their facility and then shipped to individual plants to be recycled into new objects. Our landfill Waste bin or general Waste bin is being reduced in size as we can now recycle more!

At St Joseph’s we have the facilities for collecting the following for recycling

  • Batteries
  • Clothes
  • Ink cartridges
  • Pens

So if you have any of these items you may send them into school for us to send away for recycling.

We are also very careful to recycle all our paper and cardboard waste and also plastic bottles and cans.

Of course all our waste food is recycled into compost in our garden!

Why don’t you join in at home?

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