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If you have been into St Joseph’s this week, you may have heard ‘Bonjour’  being exchanged between staff and pupils. As part of the ongoing rolling out of 1+2 languages (Click here for more information) we will be introducing a new French phrase each Monday at assembly. Children and staff share the phrase with a few challenges thrown in.  The 100th child (roughly!!) who says the phrase to Mrs Fowler will get a gold house point as well as the child who says it to a nominated ‘secret teacher’ for the week. In this way we can start to bring French into the corridors! You can help at home by –

How can I support my child?
A positive attitude to other languages and cultures will go a long way to keeping your child interested in learning languages. In addition, you could:
• discuss the benefits of language learning

• encourage your child to have fun with languages  – label household objects, look at interesting  language websites, read cartoons in another  language, etc.

• ask your child to teach you what s/he has learned in school

• challenge each other to find words in your first language that come from other languages

• look for words that come from other languages used in advertising and packaging or in magazines, films and television programmes

Please ask your child each Monday what the ‘phrase de la semaine’ is!

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