‘Egg’citing News

It’s So ‘Egg’citing!


We have eggs in Nursery! There are 7 hen’s eggs but can you notice – they are different colours? They are also different sizes. 2 eggs are very small, 1egg is dark brown, 1 egg is a blue/white colour and the other 2 eggs are a cream colour.

Ida little Theory was asking if that means the chicks will all look different too?

What do you think?

Aiden and Yazmyn washed the eggs with special sanitiser to ensure they are clean.IMG_2859The Ovascope was used to have a look inside the eggs but it is too soon to see anything. The Eco Reps will be checking each day and let you know if we spot signs of a chick growing inside any of the eggs!



Very carefully the eggs were numbered and placed inside our incubator then Aiden and Yazmyn popped the lid on, set the temperature to keep the eggs warm and set the timer for 21 days!

Now we just watch and wait!


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