Oil and Gas Technology Prizewinners

Prize Winners at Oil and Gas Centre


St Joseph’s pupils in P7 entered a competition run as part of the opening of the new Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) on Queens Road. Their remit was to create an innovative design using technology to extract the pockets of oil and Gas in the hydrocarbon fields around the UK and North Sea.

Finalists were selected from the four schools which took part and those shortlisted were invited to attend the opening day at which the winners would be decided.

Our finalists were Zuzanna and Caroline ( they worked together on their project), Katy and Mahdeen.

Sir Ian Wood and other senior figures in the oil and gas industry made up the panel of judges who spoke to each of the finalists and invited them to explain their project design. IMG_2770

Mahdeen’s design involved the use of Virtual Reality and remote sensing to sight and control drilling robots alongside conventional rigs to drill extract and transport oil to the refinery. These robots are programmed to float back automatically and there would be no need for decommissioning so saving more money.

IMG_2767 Zuzanna and Caroline worked together on a project design that uses 2 drones, each controlling a drill and remotely controlled by iPad, from onshore or another rig, to drill and extract the Oil and Gas and then can be moved by remote control also.

IMG_2765Katy used lasers powered by electricity generated by the waves to reach the pockets of oil and Gas and robots to help extract the reserves. The notion of free electricity would appeal to the oil industry as it would drastically reduce costs.

IMG_2791IMG_2792   While the judges deliberated over the short listed projects the pupils were interviewed by STV News and also had the opportunity to experience and try out some of the new technology in use currently such as 3D printers, VR, and robotics!

Mahdeen’s design won a Highly Commended prize and Katy’s project was awarded First Prize! As part of the prize Katy received a trophy printed on a 3 D printer and the school was presented with a cheque for £500 to be spent on Science within the school!


The judges certainly felt that we have some budding Oil and Gas experts of the future!








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