Good manners at St Joseph’s

Mrs Fowler spoke to the children on Friday about the importance and the power of displaying good manners. They cost nothing but help shape us in to the people we want to become. Using different media, she shared the message of the assembly with the children and staff to good effect.

This month is dedicated to the kinds of manners that promote good relationships and cohesive gatherings. Thinking about others and how your actions will affect them is part of being a great friend, teammate, or participant in any activity.

Family life with parents and siblings is also better when everyone treats each other with respect and good manners. So this month (and afterward) remember to say “please, thank you, you’re welcome, may I” and all the rest of the polite words!


So we want to know if YOU think having good manners is important.

Are you really polite and hold doors open for people?

Do you put your hands up before you speak in class?

Or maybe you think having manners is just plain old-fashioned.

Are manners important? If you meet someone with bad manners, do you think less of them?

Do you get fed up with your parents always telling you off about your behaviour?

Some of the opinions we received at senior assembly

Manners are very important. They show that someone has been brought up well and that they can behave. Having manners show the type of person that you are!

Marian, 10

I think manners are important and every family should teach their children some manners.

Jide  9

I think the only time you should really use manners is when you want to make a good impression like meeting someone for the first time or representing your school

Tom 11

I think manners are important coz it shows how good or bad a job your parents have done.

Maria 11

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