What happens with the sandwiches we make for the homeless?

On Tuesday evening (14th Feb), Millie from P6 went with Mrs Scott to the Cathedral to find out what happens with the sandwiches that St. Joseph’s makes for the homeless on a Tuesday.

They are taken to the Cathedral and placed in carrier bags that also contain other donated foods like soup, biscuits, tea bags, tins of pasta and beans etc.


Around 90 bags are made up each Tuesday and handed out from the Cathedral on a Tuesday evening to the needy. Volunteers from Universities and members of SVDP help with the distribution.



The needy also have the opportunity to get clothes, shoes and toiletries from the SVDP, who collect and sort donations of such items. They have coats, jumpers, vests, scarves, socks, shoes, trousers etc. And toothbrushes, toothpaste etc.



The SVDP rely on donations to provide this service, and they are most appreciative of the sandwiches that St. Joseph’s make each week. But I think we could do more to help them, and their good cause. They make a huge difference to the daily lives of the needy people of Aberdeen that are homeless and have so little.

SS 14.02.17


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