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January 2017 is here and the term begins bringing lots of new challenges and opportunities for growth and development in our school.

Our first week began with a chance to try a new initiative from Aberdeen Sports village, a diving experience which was received with much fun, enthusiasm and excitement by pupils from Primary 2 to Primary 6

This proved to be a highly motivating context for introducing and engaging our learners in the Growth mindset approach to teaching and learning through our whole school assemblies and class lessons.

Our goal this term is to adopt a growth mindset culture where we believe in our ability to improve and get better through the effort we put in to enjoying learning and the positive attitude we have towards making mistakes and welcoming challenges and new experiences as opportunities to develop resilience and our belief in everybody’s capacity to learn and grow.  We expect all our students to do well whilst understanding that different students require different approaches to help them get there.

I will be updating you on the progress and impact of this approach in the coming months.


 And for us teachers and educators there is a lesson for all in developing and maintaining our own Growth mindset.




Here at Saint Joseph’s we know that effective parental engagement through building meaningful home-school relationships has the potential to improve student outcomes even further. We have listened and responded to parental requests for more specific and targeted curriculum information on the school blog. Please look out for this curriculum information leaflet on your child’s class blog under the heading Illuminating Learning.

illum jpeg

 As some children are not always keen to talk about school work at home, this should stimulate conversations about learning and the curriculum and make pupils feel more supported and help parents become better informed about learning in the areas of Literacy, Numeracy, Health and Wellbeing and Religious Education.

Remember you are welcome to contact the school at any time to ask for information or for an appointment to talk to myself, Mrs. Fowler or the class teacher.

Looking forward to a successful Parents Evening in February and working with the Parent Council, pupils, teachers  and parent body on our school audit to inform our School Improvement Planning.

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