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Changes to PE uniform

An item on our staff meeting agenda this afternoon was the wearing of gym kit.  It is essential that we comply with the recommendation to teach 2 hours of Physical Education per week. In order to do that, it was agreed that all pupils should have their gym kit available every day.  As noted in last week’s Newsletter children should have a small drawstring bag with the following items included. 

Green polo shirt000205505


jogging bottoms

outdoor trainers

This means that full school uniform can be worn each day.

Activity for 400 pupils cannot be provided by one gym hall and the extensive outdoor facility has to be used.  When the weather is suitable, we will be outside. Therefore outdoor trainers and jogging bottoms are a necessity. 

Class teachers will take note of children who do not have gym kit for 3 consecutive weeks.  A letter will be sent home to inform you.

Infant teachers have noted that an increasing number of children are struggling to dress themselves independently and do up shirt buttons. This is eating into precious timetabled gym time. Please make sure your child has the opportunity to practise these important life skills at home.

We appreciate your help in facilitating our ongoing desire to provide the best for your children.

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