Winner – Blairs Christmas Tree Festival

Blairs Christmas Tree Festival 

Sunday 18th Dec 2016

As for the last 4 years, St Joseph’s Primary entered the Christmas Tree Festival at St Mary’s Chapel, Blairs.IMG_2590

We were voted the Best Tree by all who attended!

We called our tree the Chemis-Tree!! So we used the theme of chemistry to create our decoratations: we had pipettes on a garland like icicles hanging from the Tree, Christmas words; spelled out with the periodic table letters, suspended from the branches with string (string theory!!!), atoms, DNA, universal paper and topped with the most beautiful gingerbread angel (cooking is a chemical reaction!) Well done to all the classes who helped make decorations!

In previous years we have won with decorations made out of different shaped light bulbs and Sacred Hearts. We have also decorated with a woodland theme. Now we need to get our thinking caps on for next year’s theme!IMG_2595



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