Dear Parents

JTS, a not-for-profit fair trade organisation, has challenged schools, as well as churches, colleges and other organisations, to sell 90kg of rice – the amount of rice sold that would enable a Malawian farmer pay for a year’s basic secondary education for one child.

 ST JOSEPH’S RC SCHOOL have decided to take on this 90kg Rice Challenge!
JTS works with farmers’ associations to support rice farmers as they develop their businesses with a promise of good UK markets for their produce. Land-locked African countries like Malawi are some of the poorest in the world and there is a real urgency about supporting them.

The Challenge quantifies the benefits of fair trade: this is what a farmer has to grow to pay for one of his children to go to school; this is what we have to do to support him in that task. It presents Global Citizenship to children within a meaningful context.

Furthermore, it shows how we can help to empower farmers: creating reliable markets for smallholder farmers where they can get fair prices meaning they can develop their farms, work their way out of poverty and help to build up the prosperity of their country. It also will show the pupils how they can make a difference and so it empowers the pupils. Finally, it creates a link between the pupils and the farmers who they are supporting.

We will start selling the rice (white or brown) and taking orders as well for £3.00 per kg at THE CHRISTMAS FAYRE, on Saturday, 3rd December.

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding JTS or the Challenge, please feel free to visit www.jts.co.uk, emailing info@jts.co.uk or calling 0141 255 0901.

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