A note from Mrs Fowler


St Joseph’s pupils and staff have all settled back to school after the October break and are now well into the second half of the autumn term , on course for lots of exciting challenging and interesting learning experiences , winter weather and the excitement of Advent and Christmas ahead.

Over the last few weeks I have been adjusting to my new role as Acting Headteacher and enjoying the challenge of my widening remit and responsibilities.

I have been encouraged by all the help, support and advice available from peer Headteachers in our Associated School Group and city wide and from our Catholic community, who have the continued success of the school in their prayers.

I am happy to welcome our new school administrator to Saint Joseph’s, Mrs Morag Forbes and am looking forward to working closely with her in the coming months to improve communication and administrative tasks in our school office and reception.  A hugely important factor in the smooth running of the school.

Recruitment and retention of teachers still remains a challenge in Aberdeen and we have not yet managed to secure a permanent teacher for our Primary One class. The preferred candidate for the post has decided to take up a teaching position in Ireland due to family circumstances.

We have managed the class with the help and dedication of our existing team and at present the class has benefited from the consistent approach of Ms. Coull, our support for Learning Teacher, who teaches for three days of the week.  Mrs. Koszeghy, our current nursery teacher teaches for the other two days. This successful arrangement is set to continue until a more permanent solution can be recruited to the vacancy. In December we will welcome back Mrs. Fiona Grant from maternity leave. This will allow Mrs. Lacaze, our multitasking Acting Depute, to have more management time.

The senior management team, consisting of myself as Acting Head and Mrs Lacaze as Acting Depute, are looking forward to implementing the School Improvement Plan in collaboration with our very supportive and dedicated team.   We hope to increase pupil and parental engagement to achieve equity and excellence in St Joseph’s Primary.

Mrs Orla Fowler

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