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At this time of year, St. Joseph’s is again supporting the Rotary Shoebox Scheme which provides gifts for children and families who live in daily poverty in Central & Eastern Europe.

The Shoebox Scheme is supported by Rotary Clubs throughout the UK & Ireland. Each participating school is linked to one local Club, which for us is the Rotary Club of Aberdeen.

At School Assembly this week, the Shoebox Co-ordinator from the Rotary Club joined us and gave a presentation to explain and illustrate how the Rotary Scheme works.

The Rotary Shoebox Scheme is an independent charity which operates all year round. It has developed a significant distribution network through partnerships with welfare and relief organisations in the recipient countries.


Supporting the Rotary Shoebox Scheme ensures that children and families in Central & Eastern Europe will receive at least one gift this year – a filled shoebox.

For some children and families, that one shoebox will be their only Christmas present.

Last year, Rotary Clubs in the Aberdeen area uplifted 3,850 filled boxes. Since 2003, Clubs in North & East Scotland have collectively sent out over 100,000 boxes.

This year, St Joseph’s participation will contribute to over 25,000 boxes sent during December and January to countries such as Albania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Romania and the Ukraine.

The value of each box received is far greater than its contents.


Initially, each family will receive one Rotary Shoebox. Information about suitable contents is printed on the box and also in a separate leaflet. Additional boxes are available.

Last year, St Joseph’s pupils and families filled 260 boxes and contributed £400 to the Shoebox Scheme to cover distribution costs by attaching £1/£2 coins.

In early 2017, the school’s involvement will be marked by a special Rotary presentation.

For more information about the Rotary Shoebox Scheme – for background, overview & links.

                   news/rotary shoebox scheme and /romanian orphanages

For information about Rotary

Please use only the Rotary boxes supplied.

Filled boxes should be returned to school by Monday 07 November.

The cost to Rotary of each box supplied is now 90p.

Please help reduce outlays by attaching £1 /£2 in coins and returning all unused boxes.

The Rotary Shoebox Scheme Co-ordinator for our school is John Milne.

He can be contacted directly about any queries or for further information.

Tel: 01224 591705 (Home) 590488 (Direct Line)   E-mail:

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