Staffing news

Staffing News

Dear Parents,

I am delighted to announce that Mrs Fowler has been appointed Acting Head Teacher of St Joseph’s RC Primary. She will take up the post after the October break and I wish her every success as she continues to move the school forward. Under her leadership and with your support I am confident the school will go from strength to strength.

I have also to announce that I have appointed Mrs Prusik as full time permanent PSA in school and Mrs McCormack and Mrs Edgerton to part time, fixed term positions as PSA.

Miss Campbell who was to take up post in P1 has taken a post at home in Ireland but I have been able to secure another teacher who will start as soon as the paper work is completed. She is Miss O’Keeffe and will be teaching the P1 currently with Mrs Fowler. I envisage that she will start after the October break.

I am sure you are all aware of the shortage of teachers but I hope that you will continue to pray that St Joseph’s will always attract the brightest and best teachers possible.

Mrs Tominey

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