Staffing News

Dear parents,

As we head towards the end of term I have some staffing information to share:

Class teachers for next session –

P7 Mrs Rafferty & Mrs Mills

P6 Miss Morgan

P5/6 Mrs Lacaze

P5 Miss McGowan

P4/5 Mr Dexter with Mrs Grant returning in December working 2 days only.

P4 Mrs Malet

P4 Mrs Scott & Ms Bronzite

P3 Mrs Anderson

P3Mrs Henry & Mrs Petrovski

P2/3 Mrs Cuthill

P2 Miss Gerraghty

P1/2 Mrs Hendry

P1 Mrs Rogerson

P1 Miss Vesey

Nursery Mrs Koszeghy

Your child has been allocated a class after discussion with class teachers taking into consideration balance of gender, age, size, friendships, working groups, pupil needing split up for behavioural or educational reasons. The school role has to be divided into 14 classes this session as we have dropped a class. P1 can only have 25, p2-3 can have 30, composite classes can have 25  and p4-7 can have 33. In composite, the smallest number of one year group allowed is 4 – which I think is too small and usually only consider 6. However I could be made to reconfigure classes at any time to suit the authority. In the interest of fairness I am unable to accommodate individual parents requests for obvious reasons. I am pleased to say this session I have only had one request.

Staffing news.

Miss Power is getting married during the Summer holidays and will be moving home to live in Ireland.

We have valued her short time with us as she has been a very positive, effective and hard-working member of staff and we wish her every happiness in the future.

I must also inform you that I will be retiring in October at the end of the first term. I have taught for 37 years and been Head Teacher for 10 and now I think I would like to spend more time with my family (including my ever increasing number of grandchildren!) and perhaps travel more – and not in peak time!!

I have loved working in St Joseph’s as we have a fabulous building, the loveliest pupils, a very supportive and friendly parent body and a super staff. It couldn’t have been better! Thank you for all your kindness and support over the years.

I know the school is in a good place and I am confident that the more youthful staff members will continue to take the school forward.

The post will be advertised during the holidays and hopefully a new HT will be in place for October.

We will post a newsletter closer to the end of term.

Mrs Tominey


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