Golden Time

For the past two weeks we have been trailing our new Golden Time system. It allows the children to sign up for an activity for a four week block. P 1-2 have one set of activities and P3-7 have another.

The new system allows the children to mix with different stages and to take part in a range of fun, exciting activities. Children will be much more motivated to earn all their Golden Time throughout the week!

We hope you enjoy our short video showing some of the activities from the past two weeks. The feedback from the pupils so far has been very positive.

If you would like to offer an activity please contact us below! Golden Time runs on Fridays from 2.25 – 3.05pm.  This block runs until 3rd June, then the next block is the 3 Fridays in June.

Golden Time 2016 from St Joseph’s Primary on Vimeo.

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