New chicks!

EGGSTRA! EGGSTRA! St Joseph’s have another 3 chicks!

This is Malcolm - he was born on Wednesday night

This is Malcolm – he was born on Wednesday night

The first chick was born on Wednesday night and has been named Malcolm. He has been named after one of the Cleaners at the school and who was so very helpful in keeping an eye on the egg as it hatched and letting us know if it was ok during the night! The chick did need a bit of help and Malcolm, the cleaner, called to alert us so we may go in to school and help Malcolm, the chick, out of the egg!

Our 3 new chicks

Our 3 new chicks

Last night 2 more chicks were born. In the photo Malcolm is on the right and the new chicks are a bit smaller on the left. One of them is lying down because it is still very weak after getting out of the egg which is a very long and tiring process for chicks.

They are getting lots of attention and like being held and cuddled!


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