Fairtrade Footballs


Have you seen our new Fairtrade footballs? The Fairtrade Group has purchased a class set of 30 Fairtrade footballs to be used in P.E. lessons and also a few for outside play, so you may have already seen some out in the playground. These balls are high quality, hand or machine stitched and carry the UK’s most trusted ethical certification – the Fairtrade Mark.

At the Christmas Fayre we raffled a football and this raised some interest from parents wanting to purchase their own Fairtrade football. We could help with that!

If you would like to buy your own Fairtrade football from the Fairtrade Group, please send a clearly labelled “Fairtrade Footballs” with the correct amount of money and details of the football/s you wish to buy:

HURRY!! These prices will go up after Fairtrade Fortnight!!

  • Name of Child/ Class (if a parent is buying and doesn’t want it delivered to the child, please add contact details and indicate this).
  • Type of football: Pro, Team or Play (blue or pink).
  • Size of football: size 3 (under 8 years), size 4 (8-14 years) and size 5 (14 and upwards).
  • Number of footballs required.

These are the footballs we can get for you:

Balla ball pink

Balla ball blue

The Bala Play is an ideal ball for a kick-about in the park or on the beach with your friends, to take on holidays, etc. Available in Sizes 3, 4 and 5. £12.


Balla ball team

Bala Team: Stay ahead of your game and hone your team skills with this high quality and high performance training ball. Hand stitched. Available in sizes 3, 4 and 5. £20.

Balla ball pro

The Bala Pro is the top of the range ball. It’s made to the same specs as FIFA Inspected balls. Official size and weight. £45.

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