Donations please!


Dear parents

First of all a big thank you for all your support and help.

I know it’s a more than busy time, and we have been asking a lot from you, and is very much appreciated all the effort you’re giving to the school in their different appeals.

But these are the lasts days – till Tuesday – to give the last boost to the donations and volunteering for the fair. We are quite short compared to other fairs, and I totally understand how difficult is dealing with all requirements, but please, just make a last effort and keep donating for the tombolas, lucky dip, hampers and even raffle prizes, because we have amazing big ones, but “small” ones are also very much appreciated!

I would like to ask you again too, to consider donating your time at the day of the fair. I know we deal with extra curricular activities for children or other things going on, but try to do your best. Is for the benefit of our children and the school. Those who have chosen half an hour please consider giving 1 hr, because we are still short! And it would be disappointing if we have to close stalls or not even put them in the plan.

It can be and sure will be a great day with all your help.


Esther Izquierdo

St. Joseph’s Events Committee

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