Results of Positive Behaviour Survey

Thank you to those parents who completed the survey.

The purpose of the survey was to gauge parental opinion on current practice. We currently have improving maths, literacy, science and social studies on our School Improvement Plan. Therefore we would not have time available to do a whole school audit and discussion with parents with the purpose of writing a new Behaviour policy.

It would appear from the results that there is not an immediate requirement to change the policy.

Only 1.52% disagree that pupils should be able to work and play in safety. 89.39% strongly agreed.

76.67% strongly agreed to the principle of detention, 21.67% agreed and 1.67% disagreed.

70.97% of parents were happy with the use of the word detention. 14.52% were unhappy and the same number had no opinion.

88.33% agreed to limiting snacks during detention to fruit or healthy snacks, 8.33% disagreed and 3.33% had no opinion.

Parents were less happy with the fact that we do not write detention in the pupils diaries as 41% would prefer to be told as and when it happened. This can be easily arranged and should not need a great deal of consultation.

88% of parents agreed with school policy on not “hitting back”

Only 3.39% thought that play fighting was acceptable.

98% agreed mistakes are learning opportunities and should be forgiven and forgotten if pupils learned from them.

Please look out for next session’s school audit to make your views on the school known.