Managing Behaviour in School


Dear parents,

As you will know we have very high expectations of pupil behaviour here in school. I know that almost all of our parents have the same high standards.

When managing 400+ children there has to be a consistent approach to behaviour management. We use the 4Cs approach,

Clarity – of shared rules & expectations

Certainty – these rules will always be applied

Consistency – everyone involved will abide by the rules fairly

Consequences – if you break the rules there will be a learning/thinking opportunity given

We have very few actual consequences in school and need the support of parents in helping pupils manage their behaviour. One of the best parts of the day for the pupils is not surprisingly playtime and Golden Time and these generally are used to teach responsibility and accountability. Pupils earn their Golden Time by working consistently and by being polite and well behaved.

Most of our unacceptable behaviour happens in the playground and currently results in pupils losing time in the playground as a consequence of their actions.

Could you please take a few minutes to complete the survey attached so that I can gather your thoughts and opinions on this?


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