There is a prediction of snowy and stormy conditions in the coming days and weeks.

The school will be open unless very poor weather makes it impossible for enough staff to attend and take responsibility for pupils. I will make the decision as soon as possible and inform you in 4 different ways:

School Blog


ACC School Closure Website

School’s Information Line – 0870 054 1999

If the school has to close early we will call you. Buses will be organised to have an early pick up.Please ensure you have your phone on at all times and that the number we have is the correct one. Not only do we have a duty of care to the pupils but we also have a duty to ensure staff can travel safely. It is not acceptable for parents to assume that staff will stay in school during inclement weather until they are ready to pick up their child.

Could I ask you to provide suitable clothing for your children as they will be going out to play unless I judge it is too dangerous, e.g. Icy patches in the playground or hard impacted snow.

Pupils need waterproof footwear (Not Leather), spare socks/tights and waterproof gloves of the skiing variety. Woollen gloves are not appropriate. When providing a scarf please avoid football colours. A few warm layers of clothing and a waterproof/windproof jacket would be enough to keep an active child warm for the short time they are outside.

In snowy conditions we will stagger playtime to allow for safe fun in the snow. The pupils are told that if they want to play snowball fights they must aim only for below the chest and only if the snow is soft and fluffy. Staff will inform them if the conditions are suitable. They must only throw snowball at a fellow player not a someone who is not involved in the fun. An area will be allocated and supervised.

Pupils love to create slides on icy ground – I did and I am sure many of you did – however it is risky in terms of head injuries. I would consider letting older children slide if the had a cycle helmet or similar! What do you think?

Getting out in the fresh air is so much more healthy than being cooped up in a classroom for 5 hours! In addition to this adequate supervision can be provided outdoors but very difficult indoors when almost 400 children are spread throughout the building.

Failure to comply will stop the snowy fun for everyone.

I am hoping that the weather will be wintry enough for some snowy fun but not enough to disrupt normal schooling.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Mrs Tominey