Welcome to Micro Tyco 2014


Please come and visit the stalls in the gym hall at the following times. Please note the time of your child’s class and come along to join in the fun!

Everyone Welcome!

P4-7 – 1.15-1.30pm

P3M/R & P3/4H – 1.30 – 2.00pm

P1/2H, P1G & P1F – 2.00-2.30pm

P2By, P2P 7 P2/3H – 2.30-3.00pm



Even with a shorter week, the children had a plan for the Friday event this week!  The top corridor was a hive of activity as the children sold their goods. This is the last week of sales and stalls in the top corridor. Next week is our last push to make our money grow. We are above £800 now. Primary 7 have been honing their persuasive writing skills and have produced some excellent letters which will be sent to companies asking for them to match our total at the end of Week 4! Do you know a company that would like to receive a letter from us? All for a good cause!! Look out for more information about our BIG WEEK FOUR BONANZA.

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On this page we hope to share with you our 4 week journey. In our teams we will try to make our £1 grow…by using our imaginations, our intelligence, our teamwork and our entrepreneurial spirit!


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The efforts of the children this week culminated in a Golden Time sale in the upper corridor. More classes were invited to visit and buy popcorn, smoothies, pancakes, have their nails painted, or go outside and beat the goalie. We even had a dedicated team of car washers!  The children have been showing real understanding of the steps needed to promote their mini business, handling money, purchasing necessary items and being successful salespeople! Our total this week is over £500. One of the highlights of today was the ‘Soak a Teacher’ event at lunchtime! Miss Farren, Mrs Rafferty and Mrs Lacaze were willing volunteers to be targets for some very wet sponges. The children had great fun whilst raising money for a worthwhile cause!


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The children have been working hard in their groups this week, planning, writing, calculating and advertising. We decided to hold a weekly event in the top corridor during Golden Time, to minimise disruptions to classes. Some of the events happening this Friday were – 

  • Nail painting          
  • Guess the pennies
  • Stress balls
  • Bookmarks
  • Raffles
  • Slush puppie drinks

The children now plan to use some of the money they made to feed into their Week Two projects! Watch this space!


A message from Wild Hearts

In Micro-Tyco we say you become an entrepreneur to fund an entrepreneur. As you begin to see your seed capital grow, we want you to meet someone who represents all of the people around the world your Micro-Tyco revenue will help. Betty Abio from Uganda used her £100 micro-loan to invest in a market stall which completely transformed her family’s future. Studies in the developing world have shown that when women gain incomes, family money is more likely to be spent on nutrition, education, medicine & housing. We’ve witnessed this first hand in many countries across the world. Stories like Betty’s go to the heart of why the impact of microfinance ripples so powerfully through communities and across generations.We hope Betty’s video inspires you to really go for it during Micro-Tyco.

You can watch Betty’s video now at http://micro-tyco.com/video/betty-abio-uganda-microfinance-client