Abernethy 2018


27/08/2018 until 31/08/2018

Thank you to all those who managed to come along to the meeting this week. 

Please click here to view the presentation.

We will be staying in the chalet accommodation with 2 people sharing each room. We will be asking the children for sharing preferences. We hope to accommodate most! 

There will also be a shop on site. Children will be able to visit the shop in the evening. Please click below to view the prices. We do not recommend pupils to bring large amounts of money. Any money should be in a purse and given to Mrs Lacaze for safety.   A cheque can be written and given to Mrs Lacaze for larger purchases (payable to Abernethy Trust Ltd)   

Pupils will receive a kit list home – also available to be downloaded below. It is well worth packing 3 towels and lots of socks! 

These forms will be sent home this week. Please complete and return to Mrs Lacaze by June 8th at the latest.  Please print off these copies if you need them. 

ACC Consent Form

Additional information form

Kit List 2018

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