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1st September 2020

Advice on Coughs and Colds (National)


Update 28th August

General School Update 280820

Update 26th August 2020

Dear Parents

Letter to parents on self isolation agreed with Public Health

Face coverings

Please find links above to the most recent Parent Updates from the Chief Education Officer with regard to Self-isolation guidance and Face Coverings (which will effect our users of School Transport from 31st August).

Update – 14:50 12/08/20

Dear Parents

We have now re-organised ourselves for tomorrow.  You will shortly receive an email with the reorganised group information.  But very simply and to avoid any problems with emails the arrangements are as follows:
All sibling groups due to attend today, Wednesday 12th August, will now attend on FRIDAY 14th.
All other children due to attend today, Wednesday 12th August, will now attend on THURSDAY 13th.
Transport unit has been advised and will make arrangements for pickup as before.
P3 classrooms in the basement are being dried out and the children will be elsewhere in the building.  I will email you separately.
Thanks for your understanding.
We really are looking forward to tomorrow, the little faces will definitely brighten our day, even if the clouds don’t lift!
Sinéad Lindsay
Head Teacher

Update – 12:45pm 12/08/20

Dear Parents, thank you for your patience, all being well, we will open again tomorrow.

We have almost finished our planning for a refreshed return.  We are checking our plan with Aberdeen City Council to ensure the new plan meets the conditions as set out in our return to school risk assessment.

Once finalised, we will post updated information here and send individual emails out to the group affected to day.


Sinéad Lindsay

Head Teacher


Message posted 12/08/20 – early morning

The school is closed, please continue to check your emails for regular updates or check back here.

We have had extensive flooding in the basement, on staircases, in toilets and gymhall, it is not safe for children nor staff to be moving about.  I will update you as soon as I have further information.

Message below from earlier in the week:

Dear Parents and Guardians

An email was sent to all parents today.  Please click on the link below to access the letter that was attached to it and then please access the links that are within it for the full information.

Parent Letter 10th August 2020

School Return Plan is included in the links within the letter above.

You will also receive a text directing you to this page in case you do not receive the email.

As soon as possible, you will receive a paper document which will allow you to check the information we hold for you.  Please complete and return it.

Thank you.

School Contact from 10th August 2020

01224 322730 or StJosephsPrimary@aberdeencity.gov.uk

ACC Helpline: 01224 523322

Digital Learning Hub for parents, children and teachers: https://sites.google.com/abed.org/digitallearninghub/home

Know anyone experiencing Domestic Abuse? Helpline – 08000271234 or safer.scot. Police – 999 or 101

St. Joseph’s RC Primary is a very happy, inclusive and caring environment where children can grow and progress into well-rounded, confident, nurturing and responsible adults. In this atmosphere the conditions are set so that each child is free to learn successfully and reach their potential in every area. With the support of an enthusiastic and dedicated staff the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum. We have a most supportive body of parents who contribute hugely to the education and wider experiences of our pupils.The whole school community works together to create a positive ethos and a very welcoming environment. We are a vibrant, ambitious and inclusive school community which you will sense while scrolling down our pages.

8 thoughts on “Welcome to our school

  1. Ify Anyaegbu

    Good day,
    Please I would like to arrange school visitation for my son -Nicholas. He is currently in P3 at Kingswells Primary and I would like him to start at St. Joseph this August. We are practicing Roman Catholics and I feel he is not getting enough knowledge about his faith.

  2. Ken Uyabeme

    My name is Ken. I am member of the Aberdeen African Choir and the chairman of the concert committee. We are planning a musical concert / Album launch on the first weekend in June (06/06/2020). I wondered if we could book the hall for the day. I recall we used it back 2011.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    1. sineadlindsay

      My apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Obviously, in the current circumstances we won’t be able to make any arrangements, however, please get back in touch again when the restrictions are lifted.


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