Welcome to our school.

A letter from the new Head Teacher

Dear Parents and Guardians

I write to you as the new Head Teacher of St. Joseph’s Primary School. I am looking forward to working with you and your families over the course of the school year.  I feel privileged to be part of the school community and hope to build on the success of the school already achieved by Mrs Fowler, Mrs Lacaze and all staff.  I have been warmly welcomed and I know I will be able to lead the school with strong support.

I have committed myself to the school values of Respect, Honesty, Equality and Forgiveness and for the next few weeks, each class will look at one of the values and explore what that means to them. The children will then share their thoughts and learning with the rest of the school during an assembly. My vision for the school is that those values permeate every experience and opportunity we offer the children.  With those experiences, underpinned by the teaching of our Catholic faith, I would wish that all children leave the school in P7 feeling confident about their own spirituality, knowing themselves, their talents and abilities, being respectful of others and resilient in the face of adversity.

I want to ensure that parents know and understand their child’s progress and will ensure that the school is an approachable place to come where opportunities are created for you all to contribute to school improvements. Over the coming months, I will work with the Parent Council to discuss those improvements and how we can work together to bring them about.  This will be a great opportunity for you all to share in the creation of a curriculum for St. Joseph’s School that reflects its unique setting and provision and ensures that we continue to achieve the outcomes of Curriculum for Excellence.

Please contact me if there is anything that you would like to discuss. The office staff will gladly make an appointment for you.

God bless

Mrs Sinéad Lindsay

St. Joseph’s RC Primary is a very happy, inclusive and caring environment where children can grow and progress into well-rounded, confident, nurturing and responsible adults. In this atmosphere the conditions are set so that each child is free to learn successfully and reach their potential in every area. With the support of an enthusiastic and dedicated staff the children experience a broad and balanced curriculum. We have a most supportive body of parents who contribute hugely to the education and wider experiences of our pupils.The whole school community works together to create a positive ethos and a very welcoming environment. We are a vibrant, ambitious and inclusive school community which you will sense while scrolling down our pages.



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