Staff List  2015 – 2016

Acting Headteacher – Mrs Orla Fowler

Acting Depute headteacher – Mrs Louise Lacaze

Nursery – Mrs Koszeghy

& Ms S Pirie (Nursery Nurse)

P1R – Mrs M Rogerson

P1C- Miss J Coull / Mrs Koszeghy

P2G - Mrs Petrovski/ Mrs Mills

P2C – Mrs C Cuthill

P3A - Mrs Koszeghy/Ms Bronzite

P3HP – Mrs S Henry & Mrs J Petrovski

P4M – Mrs M Malet

P4S – Mrs S Scott

P4/5D – Mr G Dexter

P5M – Miss E McGowan

P5/6BL  - Mrs F Grant  & Mrs Lacaze

P6M- Miss J Morgan

P7MR – Mrs S Mills & Mrs M Rafferty

SFL – Ms S Bronzite

Pupil Support Staff

Mrs N Edwards

Mrs M Donald

Mrs J Prusik

Mrs S Hunter

Mrs S Reid

Miss A Drain

Mrs A Souter

Miss P Iwaszkiewicz

Mrs E Smith

Office Staff

Mrs S Skinner


Ryszard  Wolszczak









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