A Sacred Heart School  

St. Joseph’s is a Sacred Heart School, part of a Network of Sacred Heart Schools around the world.

As a Sacred Heart School we work towards goals, focusing on a different goal each year – A Living Faith, Personal Growth, Intellectual Values, Building Community and Active Social Awareness.

These goals represent the values which Sacred Heart Schools wish to promote and live by. They guide our behaviour and identify us as belonging to a common family. They are the public expression of what we are and what we stand for. In effect, they express our corporate identity. 

The concept of the whole person is central to Sacred Heart Education philosophy. We have succeeded when our pupils become responsible members of society, confident of their own worth, and are capable of pursuing their personal missions with energy, purpose and conviction. It is our hope that Sacred Heart Education will equip them with the faith and the fortitude to cope with the challenges they will face.

2016/2017 – Goal in Social Awareness.

The Goal of Social Awareness can be said to be the practical outworking of the work on the other four Goals. The Goal of Social Awareness gives our young people the opportunity to translate the knowledge, skills and values acquired through our work on the Goals of Faith, Intellect, Character and Community into effective action for social change.

Here are some of the activities that we are doing at St. Joseph’s to work towards this goal.

Sandwich Club – each week a group of children make sandwiches for the homeless who are fed at St. Mary’s Cathedral on a Tuesday evening by the SVDP.

Knit for Peace – we are collecting wool for a charity that knits garments and blankets for refuges, refugees and hospices. (

Prayer Tree – we regularly add our prayers for people who need help, to our prayer tree outside the chapel.

Fundraising – In February and March each class will be organising a fundraising activity for a charity, to put our words and thoughts into action.


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